T-L Irrigation

T-L Irrigation nozzles for all purposes

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Peter shares why T-L irrigation performance is like no other

Peter shares why T-L irrigation performance is like no other! Eagle I Machinery has a display pivot demonstrating the many sprinkler package options available for different crops, sensor controlled wheels ensuring consistent movement and speed and the unique hydraulic lift jack to allow for easy relocation and much more. The team can tailor a spray... continue reading 

Efficient results achieved with T-L Irrigation

Peter takes us in to the paddock to discuss the results achieved with T-L irrigation. continue reading 

T-L parts to back your T-L Irrigation system

Irrigation season is just around the corner, and we’ve got multiples of all the spare parts you might need. If you’re looking for a specific spare part for your irrigator, talk to the team at Eagle I Machinery today. continue reading 

Benefits of spray irrigation

Peter Brunt from Eagle i discusses the benefits of spray irrigation and talks through the options available for installing spray irrigation. continue reading 

Eagle i T-L Irrigation GPS System

Peter Brunt from Eagle I Machinery, Finley talks about the simplicity and accuracy of the T-L GPS system on linear irrigators. The GPS system can be retro fitted to existing machines or specced as part of a new machine. continue reading 

T-L Irrigation Come & See for yourself!

Description: Eagle I Machinery Finley NSW T-L Centre Pivot Irrigation Come and see for yourself!. continue reading 

T-L Irrigator Tyre Options

Description: Peter from Eagle I Machinery Finley NSW discusses T-L Irrigation tyre options. continue reading 

History: T-L in Australia

T-L Irrigation introduced in Australia by Eagle I Machinery, in Finley NSW. continue reading 

T-L Irrigation: hydraulic vs electric

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